Ultra-Durable Anti-Weed Landscape Barrier Fabric

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Size: 100X1000cm
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Looking for a permanent solution to invasive weeds?

Infallible Protection

Made of high quality polypropylene, it offers exceptional robustness, resistant to tears, traffic and bad weather.
This barrier allows your plants to thrive in a healthy environment, without competition from weeds, transforming your garden into a lush and peaceful haven productive.

Optimal Health and Hydration ️

With its highly permeable technology, the Ultra-Tough Anti-Weed Landscape Barrier Fabric ensures that water, oxygen and nutrients reach the roots of your plants, promoting healthy and vigorous growth.
This permeability:

  • Also maintains soil moisture
  • Reducing the need for frequent watering 
  • Contributing to ecological management of your garden

A Magnificent Garden Without Effort️

This weed control fabric isdesigned for quick and easy installation, suitable for all types of gardens and landscaping projects.
Its long-term effectiveness makes it a valuable investment for any gardener wanting tominimize maintenance while maximizing the beauty and productivity of their space exterior.


  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Black color
  • Taille disponible : 100X1000cm, 100X1500cm

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