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Jardioui Mini Lanterne pour camping PremiumJardioui Mini Lanterne Premium pour camping
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Jardioui Lumières Solaires Suspendues Feux d'Artifice (Lot de 3 + 1 Offerte)Jardioui Lumières Solaires Suspendues Feux d'Artifice (Lot de 3 + 1 Offerte)
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Jardioui Lustre Solaire Étincelant avec Contrôle à DistanceJardioui Lustre Solaire Étincelant avec Contrôle à Distance
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Jardioui Plafonnier Solaire Innovant Ultra-PerformantJardioui Plafonnier Solaire Innovant Ultra-Performant
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Jardioui Lampe Solaire Suspendue Ultra-RésistanteJardioui Lampe Solaire Suspendue Ultra-Résistante
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Brighten up your evenings with our terrace lighting

Welcome to our collection dedicated to terrace lighting , a key element for transforming your outdoor spaces into havens of peace and conviviality. By exploring our site, you will discover a vast selection of outdoor lighting . Beautify your space with our outdoor ceiling lights as well as our outdoor pendant lights . Our range has been carefully selected to meet your lighting needs and to allow you to fully enjoy your terrace , whatever the time of day.

Create a warm atmosphere with suitable terrace lighting

The lighting of your terrace plays a crucial role in the ambiance of your outdoor spaces. It’s not just about illuminating; it's about creating an environment where you will enjoy spending time. Our patio lighting solutions are designed to provide warm, welcoming light, perfect for quiet evenings or gatherings with friends.

Save energy without compromising style

Thanks to our range of LED products, save on energy consumption. LED options offer a sustainable and cost-effective solution, reducing your carbon footprint while providing bright, clear light. Our outdoor ceiling lights and pendant lights are both energy efficient and stylish, ensuring your outdoor space is both beautiful and eco-friendly.

Adapt the lighting to each corner of your terrace

Flexibility is key when it comes to lighting your patio. Our selection includes varied solutions, allowing you to create different levels of lighting depending on the areas of your outdoor space. Whether you are looking to highlight certain architectural features or create an intimate ambiance, we have the patio lightyou need.

Frequently asked questions about patio lighting

What type of lighting for a terrace?

For a terrace, choose LED exterior lighting for their efficiency and durability. Recessed spotlights, pendant lights, and outdoor ceiling lights are excellent options for creating a pleasant and functional atmosphere.

What LED power for terrace lighting?

The ideal power for LED terrace lighting is around 300 to 800 lumens per lamp. This ensures sufficient light for most uses without being dazzling.

How to arrange spots on a terrace?

The spotlights should be arranged to uniformly illuminate your terrace, avoiding shadowed areas. A spacing of 1 to 2 meters between each spot is generally recommended, depending on their light intensity.

What lumens for outdoor lighting?

For exterior lighting, including terrace lighting, it is recommended to use luminaires of approximately 50 to 300 lumens for paths, and up to 800 lumens for areas requiring more visibility .

Your terrace lighting store of choice

Exploring our range of terrace lighting is an invitation to transform your outdoor space into a magical and welcoming place. Whether you want to create a soft ambiance for relaxing evenings or illuminate your outdoor receptions, our lighting solutions are here to meet all your needs. Illuminate your terrace with style and efficiency thanks to our selection ofterrace lighting. Make every moment spent outdoors memorable.