Our history

Who is behind Jardioui? We are happy to introduce ourselves and answer all your questions!

The Jardioui™ company was created in 2015 in Strasbourg, founded by a few enthusiastic gardeners . The creation of this company was born from the experience of the founders, who noted the difficulty of gardening with age. Some of us have even considered giving up our hobby, simply because we no longer felt physically capable of doing it. But that shouldn't be the case!

Our goal is simple: to make gardening easier and more enjoyable . It has always been important to us that everyone can enjoy gardening, even older people. No exclusion due to age or physical condition. Gardening is a healthy hobby that should be accessible to everyone. This is how our mission was born.

This is why we have today developed gardening tools specifically intended to facilitate gardening and make this hobby a moment of relaxation and pleasure. So no one is excluded from gardening because of their age or physical condition.

Our gardening tools are supplied throughout Europe and make life easier for thousands of people.

Although our business has grown over the years, we remain passionately environmentally committed to providing certified green products that help our customers have more enjoyment and success in their gardens.

We have control over the products we sell because we use them in our own gardens. We hope you enjoy our tools as much as we do.

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Now let's finish with our favorite quote :

“A garden, even a very small one, is the door to paradise”


Your Jardioui™ team