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Jardioui Tuyau d'arrosage rétractable avec PulvérisateurJardioui Bleu Tuyau d'arrosage rétractable avec Pulvérisateur
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Jardioui 0 15 Mètres Tuyau d'arrosage multifonction de haute qualitéJardioui 0 Tuyau d'arrosage multi fonction révolutionnaire
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Jardioui MaxiSpray - Arroseur de Jardin Rotatif AutomatiqueJardioui MaxiSpray - Arroseur de Jardin Rotatif Automatique
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Jardioui HydroSpray Pro - Arroseur Haute PressionJardioui HydroSpray Pro - Arroseur Haute Pression
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Jardioui FlexiSpray - L'Arrosoir Électrique PolyvalentJardioui FlexiSpray - L'Arrosoir Électrique Polyvalent (+Réservoir offert)
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Jardioui Kit d'arrosage pour Trampoline - Jeu d'été en plein airJardioui Kit d'arrosage pour Trampoline - Jeu d'été en plein air
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Jardioui Le pistolet arroseur 2-en-1 pour Voiture et JardinJardioui Le pistolet arroseur 2-en-1 pour Voiture et Jardin
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Jardioui Kit d'Irrigation Goutte à Goutte Automatique pour JardinJardioui Kit d'Irrigation Goutte à Goutte Automatique pour Jardin
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Discover the best watering hoses for a flourishing garden

Welcome to our space dedicated to watering hoses , an essential component of our vast gardening collection for any enthusiast wishing to maintain their garden with efficiency and precision. Whether for delicatewatering or for tasks requiring more robustness, our range includes everything you need: from the practical hose reel for storage and extendable hoses for optimized maneuverability and storage.

Choosing a good garden hose suited to your needs

Selecting the right hose is crucial to ensuring effective irrigation of your garden. Take into account the length necessary to cover your entire green space, the flexibility of the hosefor easy handling, as well as its durability to withstand different climatic conditions and the wear and tear of time.

Garden hose diameters: finding the right balance

The diameter of your pipe directly influences the water flow. The most common diameters range from 12mm (1/2 inch) for small to medium sized gardens, and 19mm (3/4 inch) for larger areas requiring greater water flow.

Maximize the pressure in your garden hose

To increase the water pressure in your pipe, make sure there are no leaks and that the connections are secure. Using a smaller diameter model can also increase pressure, as can ensuring the water source is at a sufficient height from the watering area.

Determine the ideal flow rate for your garden hose

Flow rate is measured in liters per minute and depends on the diameter of the pipe as well as the water pressure. For an average garden, a flow rate of 15 to 20 liters per minute is usually sufficient. Make sure you choose a hose that matches the capabilities of your water system.

Frequently asked questions about garden hoses

How to choose a good garden hose?

Choosing a good model involves considering the necessary length, material (for durability and flexibility), diameter (for a flow rate suited to your needs), and resistance to kinks or twists.

What are the diameters of garden hoses?

Standard diameters vary from 12mm (1/2 inch), ideal for small to medium gardens, to 19mm (3/4 inch) for larger areas requiring a higher water flow.

How to get pressure in a garden hose?

Increasing the pressure can be achieved by checking for leaks, using a pipe of adequate diameter, and ensuring that the water source is high enough.

What flow rate for a garden hose?

The flow rate, often between 15 and 20 liters per minute for residential gardens, must be chosen according to the size of your garden and your specific watering needs.

Your trusted partner for all your garden hose needs

Our selection of watering hoses is designed to meet all your gardening requirements, ensuring both efficiency and durability. Whether your garden is small or large, flat or sloping, our watering solutions are there to support you in the maintenance of your green space. Discover how our hoses can simplify your gardening routine, allowing you to spend more time enjoying the beauty of your garden.