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Jardioui 4 Lampe murale effet soleilJardioui Lampe murale effet soleil
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Jardioui Éclairage mural moderneJardioui Éclairage mural moderne
Selling price€34,90 Normal price€59,90
Jardioui Applique murale Lueur Carrée ÉlégantJardioui Applique murale Lueur Carrée Élégant
Selling price€69,90
frJardioui 1 pièce Lampe Murale Solaire Effet FlammefrJardioui 4 Pièces Lampe Murale Solaire Effet Flamme
Selling price€29,90
frJardioui Lampes Applique Solaire Au Design ÉpuréfrJardioui Lampes Froide / 2 pièces Applique Solaire Au Design Épuré
Selling price€19,90
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Jardioui 1 Lampe (29.90 €/ pcs) Lampe LED Imitation Flamme Solaire ÉclatanteJardioui 4 Lampes (19.90 €/ pcs) Lampe LED Imitation Flamme Solaire Éclatante
Selling price€29,90 Normal price€59,90
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Jardioui Luminia Contrôle Intelligent Lampes Solaires (Lot de 2 + 1 Offert)Jardioui Luminia Contrôle Intelligent Lampes Solaires (Lot de 2 + 1 Offert)
Save €60,00
Jardioui Applique murale à deux têtes PremiumJardioui Applique murale à deux têtes Premium
Selling price€59,90 Normal price€119,90
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Jardioui Rond Applique murale LED ImperméableJardioui Applique murale LED Imperméable
Selling price€49,90 Normal price€69,90
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Jardioui Applique murale Moderne NordiqueJardioui Applique murale Moderne Nordique
Selling price€54,90 Normal price€109,90
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Jardioui Noir / Lot de 2 (19.90€/ pcs) Applique Murale Solaire Extérieure à Détecteur de MouvementJardioui Applique Murale Solaire Extérieure à Détecteur de Mouvement (Lot de 2)
Selling price€39,90 Normal price€79,90
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Jardioui Applique Murale Solaire Éclat Rond HarmonieuxJardioui Applique Murale Solaire Éclat Rond Harmonieux
Selling price€49,90 Normal price€99,90
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Jardioui 1 Lampe / Blanc froid Applique Murale Solaire Polyvalente InnovanteJardioui 1 Lampe (39.90 €/ pcs) / Blanc chaud Applique Murale Solaire Polyvalente Innovante
Selling price€39,90 Normal price€79,90
Jardioui OVNI-LIGHT - Applique murale SolaireJardioui OVNI-LIGHT - Applique murale Solaire
Selling price€29,90
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Jardioui Lampe Murale Solaire ImperméableJardioui Lampe Murale Solaire Imperméable
Selling price€29,90 Normal price€59,90
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Jardioui Lot de 2 Lot d'appliques Murales Solaires De TerrasseJardioui Lot de 4 Lot d'appliques Murales Solaires De Terrasse
Selling price€39,90 Normal price€79,90
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Jardioui 1 Applique / Blanc chaud Applique Murale LED Extérieure ImperméableJardioui Applique Murale LED Extérieure Imperméable
Selling price€54,90 Normal price€109,90

Illuminate your exterior with our elegant exterior wall lights

Discover our refined selection of exterior wall lights , designed to enrich the aesthetics of your outdoor spaces while providing optimal brightness. Immerse yourself in a world where each outdoor light has been carefully selected to meet your lighting, security and style needs. To illuminate a path, highlight the facade of your house or create a welcoming atmosphere for your outdoor evenings, our wall lights are there to transform your vision into reality.

Choosing an outdoor wall light suited to your style

The choice of an exterior wall light should not be left to chance. It's about finding the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. Opt for models that complement the architecture of your home and integrate harmoniously with your exterior decor. 

The ideal height for a harmonious installation

Installing at the correct height is crucial to maximizing the efficiency and aesthetics of your exterior wall light. As a general rule, it is advisable to place them approximately 1.8 to 2.4 meters from the ground. This height allows light to be diffused in a balanced manner, thus avoiding glare while ensuring adequate light coverage of your space.

Select the right power for optimal lighting

The power of your wall light plays a determining role in the ambiance and functionality of your outdoor lighting. For soft ambient lighting, low-power LEDs are ideal, while for areas requiring increased visibility, opt for more powerful models. The key is to match the power of the lighting to the specific use of each outdoor area.

Installing your wall light: a simple process

Powering an outdoor wall light may seem complex, but it is actually a fairly simple procedure. Most models require connection to your existing electrical system, which may require professional intervention to ensure safety and compliance with current standards. For solar or battery options, installation is even easier, offering maximum flexibility in the placement of your lights.

Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoor Wall Lights

How to choose an exterior wall light?

Choosing an outdoor wall light involves considering style, size, light output and weather resistance. Make sure it complements the overall aesthetic of your home and provides the functionality required for the targeted space.

What height for an exterior wall light?

The ideal height for installing an exterior wall light varies between 1.8 and 2.4 meters from the ground. This height ensures efficient diffusion of light while avoiding glare.

How much power for a wall light?

The power required depends on the use. For ambient lighting, LEDs of 40 to 60 watts (or their equivalent in lumens for LEDs) are sufficient. To illuminate a workspace or secure an area, higher wattages may be necessary.

How to power a wall light?

Exterior wall lights can be powered in a variety of ways, including connecting directly to your home's electrical circuit, which may require the intervention of an electrician. Solar or battery models offer more flexibility and can be installed without professional help.

Your destination for unforgettable outdoor wall lights

Visit our collection and be inspired by our selection of exterior wall lights. Whether your goal is to improve security, enhance your outdoor space or simply add a touch of charm to your home, we have what you need. Our lighting fixtures are designed to beautifully complement your space while providing the practicality and efficiency you are looking for. Transform your exterior into a welcoming and warm place with our elegant lighting solutions.