MaxiSpray - Automatic Rotating Garden Sprinkler

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Enjoy a lush green lawn effortlessly!

Uniform irrigation and extended coverage

This rotating garden sprinkler uses a 3-way propeller design with 4 different angled nozzles for efficient watering over a large perimeter.
It allows you to efficiently water large areas of lawn and garden.
Whether you have a small yard or a large outdoor space , our MaxiSpray sprinkler is designed to meet your watering needs .

Stability and Ease of use

Thanks to its profiled body and stabilization technology , our automatic garden sprinkler adapts to the ground, guaranteeing precise and uniform watering , even on uneven ground.
Its ergonomic design allows you to install and adjust it easily , for a hassle-free watering experience .

Water Saving and Efficiency

With its 360-degree rotation and spray nozzles, our MaxiSpray lawn sprinkler uses all the water efficiently to water your garden without waste .
Its patented water-saving device allows targeted irrigation, reducing water consumption while preserving the health of your garden .

Flexibility and Versatility

Our MaxiSpray automatic rotating sprinkler offers unparalleled flexibility .
You can connect several sprinklers in series to cover a larger area , adapting the system to your specific needs.
Whether you want to water a large lawn, vegetable garden or flower beds , our rotating sprinkler will allow you to achieve uniform water distribution , ensuring healthy growth of your plants.

Features :
Material: ABS
Dimensions: see photo
Color: Yellow
Connectors included

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