How to properly water your vegetable garden?

Comment bien arroser son potager ?

How to properly water your vegetable garden?

For a beautiful harvest , every detail of your vegetable garden counts: the choice of seeds for your vegetables , the type of soil used, the period for sowing, but also watering the plants according to the variety . Graines-Semences presents to you the water needs of vegetables , as well as the best way to water them.

The right time to water your vegetables

A gardener who waters his vegetable garden efficiently

The seasons will influence the way you water your vegetable garden . Indeed, In spring and autumn , watering should preferably be done in the morning to allow the soil to dry during the day. In summer on the contrary, it will be necessary water in the evening to prevent the water from evaporating. In addition, plant leaves should never be wet in direct sunlight, otherwise they will burn.

Consistent watering for leafy vegetables

Leafy vegetables have surface roots . They therefore need a lot of water since they cannot draw from depth. In addition, better rooting will be obtained if we carry out a seedling in place. This is for example the case for lettuce and salads .

Water deep-rooted vegetables well

Some varieties of vegetables have deep roots, for example:

  • Cabbage And beans can grow up to 50cm deep ;
  • Tomatoes And asparagus can have roots up to 1m20 .

For these vegetables, watering in large quantities - up to 10 liters for tomato plants - will be necessary for the water to penetrate deep into the soil. However, you will need to water less frequently to avoid drowning the roots and to see diseases such as downy mildew appear.

Mulching, the ally of good watering

By covering the base of your vegetables with mowing grass or other green waste , moisture will be preserved in the soil and the roots will be protected from high heat. Mulching will also allow reduce the number of waterings and save water .

In addition, it is recommended to hoe the soil of your vegetable garden to break up the compacted surface, which will improve water infiltration to the roots. Besides, an old horticultural adage says:

“One hoeing is worth two waterings”

Use rainwater to water your vegetables

Depending on its origin, water will have different properties. Tap water, for example, contains a lot of chlorine, unlike rainwater which also contains numerous microorganisms . The latter will therefore be more beneficial for your vegetable garden. In addition, it is more ecological!

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